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Patient Instructions  Writing

Who needs patient instructions writing? YOU! Patient instructions can be printed, published on - or linked to from - your Website. Having written patient instruction demonstrates your care and commitment to patient education. It also saves you time and the tedious task of repeating the same instructions - to various patients - over and over again.

They are convenient and contribute to your prestige. (Yes, patient instructions are a PR asset.)

Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides professional patient instructions writing.


Since patient instructions are written on different topics and for various uses, it isn't easy to estimate a standard length, cost, or turn around.

For your convenience we're using an average here; if it doesn't meet your needs, contact us describing the particulars of your needs. Your e-mail will be responded to promptly.


3 Patient Instructions Writing (up to 500 words each) = turn around 6 days; cost $225

6 Patient Instructions Writing (up to 500 words each) = turn around up to 10 days; cost $450

12 Patient Instructions Writing (up to 500 words each) = turn around up to 14 days; cost $900


Once Patient Instructions Writing for you is completed, it will be submitted to you in Word for one-time free of charge revisions. The revised content will be e-mailed to you in Word or - if requested - in .pdf. (The advantage of .pdf files is that the patient instructions can be easily printed as well as added to your existing Website. (Be advised that one-time complimentary revisions are a part of any medical writing order. With that said, writing can be easily copied and that's why all sales made on Medical Writing on Demand Website are final.)


To begin, fill out the form below to provide us with basic information about your work and of course, the patient instructions you need. Once you're done filling it out click on the "Next" button and you'll be taken to the payment page.


Order Patient Instructions Writing

           Please provide your contact information:

Street Address
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            Describe your work and the patient instructions you need:


              Please type the security code 6722 in the space provided below.



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